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MI are delighted that you would like to share your experience with our software so much, you are prepared to refer us.

A £500 donation will be given to a charity of your choice if a new customer signs a contract with SMI.

SMI will contact you directly prior to contacting the Referee.
Please see Terms and Conditions below.

Terms & Conditions

Throughout the Terms and Conditions the person making the referral is know as the ‘Referrer’ and is the person receiving the donation themselves (or the applicant for the donation), the party to which the Referrer shares the experience will be known as the ‘Referee’ or ‘Referred’.

a) Any Referrer can refer a new potential Referee to SMI even if they don’t currently have a contract with SMI.
b) A donation will only be made following the completion of the on-line ‘Share the Experience’ form via our website by the Referrer.
c) You cannot refer yourself or the company you current represent or are employed by.
d) The charitable donation can be made to the Referrer should this company be a registered charitable organisation i.e. Hospice.
e) If the Referrer is not a charity, they are to notify SMI which charity you wish the donation to be made.
f) The offer is not limited and therefore a Referrer can ‘share the experience’ multiple times.
g) SMI may wish to publicise the donation for ‘marketing’ purposes via our website news, twitter. By accepting this donation, you are also agreeing to this term.
h) Only one payment is made per Referral, on a first come, first served basis.
i) The donation will be made within 30 days from contract signature and receipt of invoice from the Referee.
j) No payment will be made to any individual person.
k) The Referred organisation must sign a new contract within 12 months of the referral date for the donation to be applicable.
l) The Referred customer must sign a new contract worth £5,000 (sterling or foreign currency equivalent) or more to apply.
m) The Share the Experience offer is available until further notice or the offer has been removed from our website.
n) The donation cannot be redeemed for cash and has no other substitute.
o) The Senior Management Team of the Referrer will be notified of the donation and the reason for the donation.
p) By completing the ‘Share the Experience’ form, you have already sought consent from your Senior Management Team to make this application.
q) In cases that SMI deem to be in breach of our terms and conditions, we reserve the right to cancel orders without applying the scheme.
r) SMI have the right to withdraw or amend the terms of this offer at any time without prior written notice.
s) Any personal data collected will comply with Data Protection Laws including GDPR. SMI will not pass on any data received via this offer.
t) This offer is not available in conjunction with any other offer.
u) These terms and conditions shall be construed in accordance with laws of England and Wales.
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